Welcome to The Path to Whole! Chances are you’ve found this blog in your search for information on a whole foods diet or plant-based (vegan) diet. Most likely you are interested in learning more about how to adopt this lifestyle. And most bloggers who have adopted a lifestyle of eating plant-based whole foods will immediately tell you how easy it is! I’m here to represent everyone who knows it’s NOT easy.

For most “normal” people who have grown accustom to eating the way society has taught them, it can be quite the challenge. I think it’s interesting how bloggers who rave about eating this way just schmooze right over the complications of how to actually make it happen. “It’s simple!” they say. You just stop eating cheeseburgers, pizza, chicken wings, scrambled eggs and bacon, potato chips, pretty much anything enriched, fortified, or containing corn syrup, about 85% of the things that are in the grocery store, and you can pretty much say goodbye to eating out. Yeah, RIGHT! Super easy.

But here’s the thing. If you have done your research on what today’s processed foods and animal products are doing to our bodies, our environment, and innocent animals, then chances are you know the benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet. And you are probably serious about it, so you just might be the kind of person who can do this thing.

I’m going to be up front with you. I’ve tried this a couple times before and failed. But I’m not ready to give up quite yet.

And so, The Path to Whole is born! Here’s the synopsis. I’ve decided to create an “experiment” of sorts by committing 100% to this lifestyle for one entire year and putting it ALL out there. For the next 365 days I will be eating only plant-based foods, as close as possible to their whole form (sometimes raw and sometimes not). I will be documenting my experiences, difficulties, epiphanies, and results along the way. My intention is to provide real experiences and honest information to you, even if it’s embarrassing or ugly, in the hopes that you will gather useful information about what a transition to this lifestyle truly takes. I won’t sell you or try to make you go vegan. If after reading my posts you decide to go on your merry little way eating bacon and cheese doodles, it won’t bother me a bit! But if I can help or influence even a few people to try the plant life, I will have fulfilled my purpose.

You’ve come to the right place if:

  1. You are completely unaware of what a plant-based whole foods diet is, but you are tired of being overweight, sick, in pain, low energy, and you know something has to change
  2. You recently started researching about a plant-based whole foods diet and are interested in learning more (It’s VEGAN?! Does it mean I have to eat my apples whole??)
  3. You have been seriously considering a transition to a plant-based whole foods diet, but you aren’t ready to make the leap because all the information you’ve found is from people who make it look wayyy too easy (and let’s not kid ourselves here, it’s definitely NOT easy)
  4. You are already following a plant-based whole foods diet and feel you are ready to quit (or maybe you already quit and want to try again without failing this time)
  5. You are already vegan, but you’re the french-fry and tofurkey eating kind of vegan, and you feel like crap
  6. You don’t care about eating plants or whatever… you just thoroughly enjoy reading about other peoples’ struggles (yes, I welcome you to witness and judge how real my struggle is)

Why on earth would I do this experiment? Because I after all my research, I firmly believe that following a whole foods plant-based diet is the key to optimum health (future blog post on this). But at one point in time, I have been a representation of every person on the list above. I knew there was a better way of eating that could contribute to a more vibrant and energetic life, and I followed many online moguls that made eating this way look SUPER EASY! So I tried… and failed… then tried again… and failed some more.

Because the truth is, no matter how easy these experts make it look, eating this way is NOT easy. I mean… let’s get real here. Committing to this way of life is a huge adjustment and requires a good amount of discipline, research, and a solid support system. Most people want to be healthy but don’t have the time to sort through all the information out there to get to the truth.

What will I provide to you? In addition to my journal of honest experiences and advice for those who are also starting out with this lifestyle, I will be sharing my meals and recipes with you, as well as providing useful research that I’ve gathered that has helped me (and can hopefully help you too). All with a sprinkle of #realtalk (and maybe a morsel of sarcasm).

So if you’ve found any of this to be of value to you, then please follow my journey (or join me)! I welcome feedback on all of my posts and encourage you to leave a comment! Or you can e-mail me at Lauren@ThePathtoWhole.com if you would like me to write about any specific topics. You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and subscribe to my Youtube channel 🙂 *DISCLAIMER: You may see occasional posts on social media of my amazing husband Ethan, my adorable dog Peanut, my family and travel adventures.

Wholly Yours,

Lauren Samford ✌🏼💚🌱