Crispy Oil-Free Potato Wedges

        You say potato… …I say OIL FREE!  This one is a plant-based foodie staple. It’s ridiculously easy and so delicious you might end up wondering why you ever ate fattening, greasy, oily french fries in your life. Like, what were you thinking?! This dinner inspiration starts and ends with a plentiful bounty of […]

14 Reasons Why a Plant-Based Whole Foods Diet is the KEY to Optimum Health

There are many ways in which a plant-based whole foods diet is beneficial. Health. The environment. Animal welfare. Athletic Performance. Cognitive Abilities. Spiritual awakening. And there are even more articles, books, scientific studies, films, and social media influencers that explain the reasons. So for the sake of your time and my sanity, I’ll focus on just one of the […]

365 Days to a Whole New Me

January 1, 2017 the journey begins! Until then I’m preparing. Mostly mentally, but also stocking my kitchen and making sure I have everything I need to kickstart. What am I doing exactly? I’m embarking on a journey to a plant-based whole foods diet for 365 days. That’s right… I’m committing to a lifestyle of eating […]